2150 BC eruption of Mt Meager
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Volcano 171

The eruption begins
Volcano Mt Meager
Date October 17, 2150 BC
Time 0847 UTC
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian
Location British Colombia, Canada
Fatalities Unknown
Damages Unknown
Other impacts Pyroclastic flows and numerous lahars

The 2150 BC eruption of Mt Meager was a devastating super eruption of one of the most dangerous volcanoes along the Cascade Range. The eruption began violently, with about 240 feet being blown off the top of the mountain, and careening down its slopes in an enormous landslide. The exact number of fatalities is unknown, and the exact cost of the damage caused by lahara, pyroclasts, lava and the eruptions significant ash falls is unknown. This was the most violent eruption from the volcano in 10,000 years.