Note: Mount Matthew is a fake underwater volcano that is located just to the west of Bermuda

Date Deaths Category of Severity Info
14th of July, 2 BC 18,000-1.5 Million Estimated to be E8 of E10 Earliest known volcanic eruption in Western Hemisphere
August 14, 6 AD 5-100 Estimated to be E3 of E10 2nd ever volcanic eruption in Western Hemisphere
August 23, 148 AD 425-1,500 Estimated to be E10 of E10 Devastating Volcanic eruption spawned 3 mile tall tsunami
July 26, 1942 None E1 of E10 7.6 Earthquake causes weak eruption
August 27, 1958 150-300 E7 of E10 9.2 Earthquake causes strong eruption
July 4, 2003 450-465 E9 of E10 9.6 Earthquake causes strong eruption
June 13, 2016 1,500-3,000 E10 of E10 11.2 Earthquake causes destructive eruption
June 19, 2024 7,500-8,000 E10 of E10 Heavy Damage caused by Tsunami