10,000 BC eruption of Mt Meager10415 eruption of Aguas Calientes1325 eruption of Katla
13544 eruption of the High Island super-volcano1401 eruption of Mt Hood1567 eruption of Tambora
1701 Eruption of Mount Kirk1701 Eruption of Mount Picard1877 eruption of Mt Ontake
1924 eruption of Santorini1994 eruption of Mt Ryne1 BC Eruption of Keranique Volcano
2000 Eruption of Krakatoa2001 Eruption of Mount Rainier2010 Eruption of Mount Everest
2013 Mount Hood Eruption2014 Mount Spurr Eruption2014 eruption of Mount Saint Helens
2015 Eruption of Mount Etna2016 Eruption of Krakatoa2016 Eruption of Mt Fuji
2016 Mount Hood Eruption/Ryne's Hypothetical Eruption2016 Yellowstone Eruption2016 Yellowstone eruption
2016 eruption of Campi Flegrei2016 eruption of Mt Fujiyama2017 Eruption of Mount Strawberry
2017 Eruption of Mount Tambora2017 eruption of Mt Aso2018 Eruption of Mount Cake
2018 Eruption of Mount Spurr2019 Eruption of Augustine Volcano2019 Eruption of Pavlof Volcano
2019 eruption of Mt Vesuvius2020 Eruption of Mount Etna2020 Eruption of Mount Redoubt
2020 eruption of Mt Meager2021 Eruption of Augustine Volcano2021 Eruption of Kilauea
2021 Eruption of Mount Cleveland2022 eruption of the Acatanango volcano2023 Mount Hood Eruption
2023 Mount Nifera Eruption2024 Eruption of Glacier Peak2024 Mount Doom Eruption
2025 Eruption of Big Ben (Australia)2025 Eruption of Mount Cleveland2025 Eruption of Tavurvur
2025 Mount St Helens Eruption2025 eruption of Campi Flegrel Mar Siella2026 Mount Spurr Eruption
2027 Eruption of Tseax Cone2027 eruption of Mount Marapi2028 Eruption of Mount Andrus
2029 Eruption of Mount Cleveland2029 Eruption of Mount Spurr2029 Mount Baker Eruption
2029 Mount St Helens Eruption2029 eruption of Mt St Helens2029 eruption of Mt Vesuvius
2031 Mount St Helens Eruption2032 Mount St Helens Eruption2033 Eruption of Mount Redoubt
2034 Mount St Helens Eruption2034 eruption of Mauna Loa2034 eruption of Mt Adatara
2035 Eruption of Mount Cleveland2036 Eruption of Mount Price (British Columbia)2037 eruption of Lassen Peak
2038 eruption of Mt Hood2039 eruption of Mt Amukta2040 Eruption of Mount Etna
2040 Mount Wilshire Eruption2042 Super Eruption of Mt. St. Helens2044 Eruption of Ruby Mountain
2044 eruption of Mt Dutten2045 Eruption of Nazko Cone2046 Eruption of Deception Island
2047 eruption of Mt Abu2048 Eruption of Lava Fork Volcano2049 Eruption of Williams Cone
2050 Mount Hood Eruption2052 Eruption of Plinth Peak2055 Eruption of Opal Cone
2057 eruption of the Amak Volcano2061 Eruption of Bald Knoll2063 Eruption of Dotsero
2063 Kilauea Eruption2065 Eruption of Santa Clara Volcano2066 eruption of the Ibusuki volcanic field
2067 eruption of Mt St Helens2070 Mount Snowdonia eruption2077 eruption of Hayes Volcano
2077 eruption of Mt Agung2077 eruption of Mt Fujiyama2081 Eruption of Newberry Volcano
2089 eruption of Mt Vesuvius2095 eruption of Mt Lanin2097 eruption of Bezymianny
2099 Mount Rainier Eruption2099 eruption of Eyjafjallajokull2100 Eruption of Mt Vesuvius
2101 eruption of Mt Azuma2101 eruption of Mutnovsky2102 eruption of May-ya-moto
2103 eruption of Buzzard Creek2104 Mauna Kea Eruption2105 Mount Nekaro Eruption
2105 eruption of Tmurak Lake2106 Eruption of Mount Tambora2107 eruption of Mt Etna
2114 eruption of Mount Rainier2127 Mount Fujiyama eruption2132 Mount Fujiyama eruption
2137 eruption of the Kikai Caldera2144 Newberry Volcano Eruption2146 Mount Saint Helen's eruption
2147 eruption of Ambrym2150 BC eruption of Mt Meager2155 eruption of Ambang
2175 Newberry Volcano Eruption2190 eruption of Mt Adams2191 eruption of Caldera del Atuel
2195 eruption of the Emuruangogolak volcano2199 Newberry Volcano Eruption2200 Mount St Helens Eruption
2201 Indiana Volcano Chain Eruption2202 eruption of Lassen Peak2204 eruption of Llullaillaco
2205 eruption of the Maipo Caldera2210 Indiana Volcano Chain Eruption2219 Newberry Volcano Eruption
2222 Indiana Volcano Chain Eruption2222 Mount Layten Eruption2237 eruption of Mt Illamna
2245 Indiana Volcano Chain Eruption2250 Mount St Helens Eruption2295 Moscow Eruption
2295 Moscow eruption2298 Mount Layten Eruption2303 eruption of Mt Cleveland
2305 eruption of Mt Fuji2345 Eruption of Mount Layten2370 Eruption of Mount Picard
2407 eruption of Krakatoa2410 Mauna Kea Eruption2435 Eruption of Mount Layten
2499 Mount Layten Eruption2525 Mount St Helens Eruption2554 Mount Layten Eruption
2577 eruption of Mt Eribus2588 Mount Layten Eruption2605 eruption of Coranzuli
2650 Mount Layten Eruption2665 Mount Pinatubo Eruption2823 eruption of Mt Pinatubo
2841 eruption of Mt Tambora3000 Eruption of Keranique Super-Volcano3333 Yellowstone Eruption
3394 super-eruption of Mt Pinatubo3457 eruption of Nevado del Huila3505 BC eruption of Mauna Kea
3964 super-eruption of Yellowstone4000 Eruption of Mount Tambora4167 Yellowstone eruption
4300 eruption of Mauna Loa8567 Krakatoa super-volcanic eruption8736 mega-eruption of Lake Taupo
9999 Yellowstone EruptionApril 19, 2032 Mount Shasta EruptionAtlanta Caldera
Atlantic Ocean underwater volcano (known as Mt Matthew) eruptionsDakotas Volcano RangeDiva Volcanoes
Florida Lava FountainHypothetical Volcanoes WikiIf Lava was Cold
If Mount Everest was a VolcanoIndiana Volcano ChainIndianapolis Volcanic Apocalypse
March 6 2016 Yoyle Mountain eruptionMashintoshangoMount Faithful
Mount Pelée 2033 eruptionMount Pelée 2100 eruptionMount Pinatubo Eruption of 2040
Mount Pinatubo Eruption of 2240Mount RoyaleMount Saint Helens Eruption of 2490
Mount St Helens Eruption of 2490Mount TroublesomeMout St.Nakamura Eruption of 2020
Mt.Candy Eruption of 2017Mt.Snog Erupton 2018Mt. Adolf Eruption of 2019
New York VolcanoVEI ScaleVolcano Types
Washington mega eruptionWhen Yellowstone Becomes ExtinctYellowstone Caldera Eruption of 2019
Yellowstone Caldera eruption of 2019

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